Fertility Information Research Study (FIRST)

Thank you for your interest in the FIRST study. Due to the dedication of volunteers such as yourself, we are excited to announce that we have met our recruitment goal for this study and are therefore no longer enrolling new participants. Cancer survivors interested in participating in future studies are encouraged to contact the study team at ayastudy@ucsd.edu or by phone at 858-822-0768

The FIRST project is a national fertility preservation registry for young women facing cancer treatments. We will examine how different cancers and treatments affect the reproductive health of young survivors. Joining the FIRST project is a unique chance to be part of a national effort to collect information on fertility and other women’s health issues in young female cancer survivors.

Who Can Join This Study?

Young women age 18-44 who have had a cancer diagnosis or received cancer treatment.

What Happens If I Choose to Participate?

FIRST is an observational study. Participants will be asked to answer a women’s health questionnaire on a yearly basis. Participants will be compensated $20 for completing the study questionnaire.

How Can I Join?

Please contact us at 858-822-0768 or ayastudy@ucsd.edu for more information.

Principal Investigator

Irene Su, MD MSCE


This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health and has been approved by the UC San Diego Institutional Review Board.